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Meet Sara

I remember the feeling of putting paint to paper at age 5. I was standing in my backyard with my easel and painter overalls. It was a warm summer day and the world was my oyster. It was a pivotal year for me.

I declared I was an artist and never looked back.

After graduating from CalArts with a b.f.a in graphic design, I began my career in the music industry, creating packaging for a boutique design firm. I quickly fell in love with illustration along the way. I began painting every night and taking ceramic classes. I just loved to create things with my hands. My tactile senses were born.

A few years went by, and I did something no one expected me to do. 

I quit my very stable, very exciting, very safe job. It. was. dramatic. My heart was being called to be creative in a new way. I had the vision to start a greeting card company, so that’s what I did. 

This is when I became an adventurer. 

Along the way, I worked with several freelance illustration clients and landed the job as a travel illustrator for Better Homes & Gardens monthly column. This later became the inspiration for my 50 states project.

These places that you love, the places you call home, are the inspiration for me to paint, to bring them to life for you.

The journey of discovery is fascinating as I continue painting all 50 states. The beauty we can find on this earth is something I want to treasure. Let’s live inspired.